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How To Get Rid Of Weeds Around Shrubs

Weeds growing around shrubs can be annoying and stressful to get rid of. As you fertilize and take care of shrubs, some strains of weed have a penchant for thriving off the fertile soil around the shrubs. There are quite a few ways for removing and preventing weeds from growing around shrubs. Weeds can be pulled out manually or killed using herbicides. If done without care, weeding using herbicides can affect the shrubs or even kill them.

1. Targeting weeds using a cardboard or plastic cover

Herbicides can be used to kill grown weeds and create non-conducive soil from which weeds cannot survive. Liquid herbicides can be sprayed directly on top of weeds that are intertwined or mixed with the shrubs. An easy way to target weeds that are mixed with shrubs is by placing a cardboard or plastic cover over the shrubs and pull the weed through a hole on the cover. Spray the weed with the herbicide then remove the cover after the herbicide has dried. Large weed patches can be targeted using a large cardboard or plastic cover with a sizable hole. Place the cover over the shrubs with the hole over the weed patch then spray over the weeds with the herbicide. It is essential to remove the cover after the herbicide has dried to prevent the shrubs from contacting the herbicide.

2. Targeting weeds using u-shaped anchor pins

Weeds growing at the edges of a shrub plantation can be targeted using a u-shaped anchor pin to isolate them from nearby shrubs. It is important to ensure the pin is in a stable setting to avoid destabilizing by strong weed stems. The pin anchors the weed as the herbicide is applied to them. Herbicide can also be applied directly onto weeds’ leaves using sponge applicator brushes or bristle brushes. Care should be taken when using bristle brushes to avoid flicking the herbicide onto the shrubs.

Putting a cover around the shrubs Another way to control weed presence is to place a plastic sheet over the soil around the shrubs to prevent weed seeds from germinating. A dense sheet of mulch can also be applied in place of the plastic. Polyester landscape cloth can also do the job well

3. Hand-pulling isolated weeds

Hand-pulling is the best and environment-friendly method to eliminate weeds around shrubs. Be sure to wear gardening gloves to protect your hands. The roots and lower stems should also be pulled when ridding the shrub plantation of weeds or else they will grow back. The soil around the roots may be dug out to reduce the chance for the weeds grows back. The tool used to dig out the soil must be cleaned before using it on another section of the plantation to avoid spreading the weeds.

4. Installing headers around the shrubs

Headers act as walls around the shrubs. They help to minimize the chance for weed seeds being dispersed into the shrub plantation. Headers should be buried at least 10 inches below the soil line and stick a few inches above the soil line for maximum effectiveness.

A bonus tip is to use fertilizer sparingly. Only use fertilizer when the soil is poor, or the shrubs look unhealthy. Weed elimination can be expensive and burdensome; hence it is wise to abide by Ben Franklin’s words, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.